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Pushing Pencils

by Of Course Not

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Corey Hodgdon
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Corey Hodgdon This is such a feel good album! Thanks for all your hard work! Favorite track: Contagious.
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I'm well on my way to eclipsing the moon Should the let me come home, I'll take you Are you sick? Are you tired of Living inspired by love of a game? They don’t let me see the sun ‘round here Too much anymore Keep me somewhere safe Until I’m rotten to the core And I don’t understand if I’m supposed to Like it when they tell me I’m so good at what I do... How much sense does that make to you? Baby dontcha know that brain of yours is overrated? There’s a million carbon-copy-people glad to show ya how to make it Oh, take it slow, put your hands down, try to simmer Nothing half as big as Texas needs to sport another lonely Vineyard My oh my, catch me if you can I can learn to fly higher than you can Sleeping on a rainstorm Dancing on a cloud I can touch the sky from here And I can hear the crowd And I’m under the impression that You’re only half-rated to the ground Are you afraid of falling down? I’m scared of stalling out Old Mister Sunshine’s smiling A million miles away Hey, I’m breaking out Yeah, I’m escaping now Fluorescent prison cells Cardstock paper-chains Nothing’s keeping me held down I’m rolling out, you catch me if you can My oh my, I’d die if life was nothing more Than pushing pencils, life is short, friend Catch me if you can! This alarm clock is my favorite broken thing I won’t be alive on time until it learns to sing What’s it like to like to live inside a broken record now? Shake a leg, boys and girls, I’LL SEE YOU IN SOCAL. Old Mister Sunshine’s smiling A million miles away I miss him more each time I lie Fluorescent prison cells Cardstock paper-chains I swear I’ll live until I die I can fly! I can fly! (My oh my) And don’t you try to stay me (Catch me if you can) I know I’ll live ‘till I die (I can learn to fly) Someday (My oh my) We’ll take the sun and (I’d die) You’ll know we’re born for the skies (If life was nothing more) So, Catch me if you can!
Last Light 04:15
Millions and millions of Tiny paper pieces on the floor I'm reaching so high But it'll take so much more What would you say if I asked of you To with me, turn the page? Of course, I never could And that's kinda the cause of this rage I couldnt afford to make it worse (Its always safer to just hide) I wanna avoid more wounds to nurse (I'm gonna keep it locked inside) Pull me away Beautiful Girl Those moon beams dancing off her eyes And you wouldnt believe that smile And you wholdnt believe how long of a while That she, she, she could rob my mind How easily I'd resign Abandon judgement every time For love, love, love! Time and time again they knock you down and leave you there You wanna know which way to turn Youre lookin for a one that cares I think that its fate that you'll never know The answer I long to give Its twisted in ways you'd never notice! The story of the life I live There's still a light left to burn out (I'm hoping that you prove me wrong) That nervous hope you might find out (Take a look inside this song) Prove me wrong... Contemplate Here, but late Ring it loud In and out Send me home Tired, aloen Intend none Allow but one Never look back Never look back Never look back!
Contagious 04:09
Something tells me first impressions are up Emerald eyes and I'm stuck Tear a page from the book I've got my head in the clouds You got my heart as it pounds But honey it's a long ways down Hey! Lets follow up the smile There’s poison in your style Let’s make it worth the while (And I feel sick now) Hey! My Mind is running’ late You’re quick to me, sedate I’m fighting not to take the bait Oh, but I can’t let go You’re so contagious to me It starts as soon as you leave Baby I’m falling down Tryn’a shake this disease Maybe sooner or later I wish you would see What you’re doin’ You’re so contagious to me! Every place that we called Here Found a place to disappear Found a trail of broken things Leading back to you and me Oh, and I love the way you kiss like a snake How all the smiles were fake My heart won’t bend, but it might break You put the Sin in Sincere Just like the Good in Goodbye And now you’ve undone the Nots That I could never untie I’ll start from the end I’ll find a heart that can rhyme Like every sun in the West With every color of mine (Maybe I was right the first time) (Maybe I was right the first time)
There's something that's been on my mind I told myself I'd ask you sometime But now the weight's becoming hard to bear You're the one-in-a-million perfect girl Make it all better in this cold world I'm afraid to ruin all the time's we've shared But before you and I continue There's something I need to ask you Oh, I've gotta get it off my chest... If I foamed at the mouth If my skin was cold and pale If my logic all went south To feed a hunger sharp as nails Would you close your eyes and squeeze the trigger? Blow my brains against the wall? Babe, if I was a zombie, would you shoot me? It's not a hard question to answer So why's it eat at you like cancer? The preachers call it UNCONDITIONAL love... Oh, love is patient, love is kind But lovin' a zombie might blow your mind ;) The two of us could still fit like a glove Girl I'm pretty sure That 50 Caliber Won't ever get inbetween me and you Girl You can blast away right through my heart! But it won't ever fall apart! Because its full of love for you-know-who.... (You!) I love you forever..... But I'm starvin' to death!!
Pull through, let’s find a place for you Safe and warm, here the storm Can’t hurt you, baby Good news, it ain’t called the blues If you’re not alone, and you’re not alone I’m here Hush now, close your eyes, open hearts survive Good Lord, I’m making a point to turn around Sweet life, sing in time, desperate lullabies Still now the flames of the moon can reach the ground Don’t you let go of me Live now, try again tomorrow Shed a tear, but leave it here Lift that sorrow Sundown, oh, can you hear them howl? Can you stand up straight and stare them down? The Earth cannot shake heard enough To make her pictures fall If you don’t remove them They stay shattered on the wall Don’t you let go Find you love again
Summer Rain 03:16
I wanna go with you Where ever you're going to Wondrous things that I once said Sincerely blind to me Consumed in the thought of We I still can remember how good it had seemed But a well spoken man once said Keeping your eyes closed shared with bliss I dont mind the Summer Rain It feels good to feel good again I can breathe, it feels better now Oh, Summer Rain, keep on falling down Remind me again how I Managed to balance life On what I knew was just a matter of time It crashed and it burned, oh no! But that was such a long time ago And Baby, lately, I've been feeling so far from low You're not here and I'm not contained It took you so long to say it looked like rain... I don't mind the Summer Rain It feels good to feel good again I can breathe, it feels better now Oh, Summer Rain, keep on falling down.
Stranded 03:23
This is my lucky day Take me far away If you're playing I'll go first This is my lucky day Nothing's gone my way But I've seen things go worse Could you stay awake just a little longer? Feels like I'm drifting (dont you go drifting) I'll rest for just a while Don't you disappear, don't you leave me here Well I feel closer every mile We're in the same boat now I'm as happy as I'll ever be To live inside a tragedy The same boat now And as long as this thing's sinking I'm keeping you with me I'm drenched from head to toe right now Freezing from the inside out It's ironic, but the rain comes down The one time I don't need it I need I need I need to know How can I eat this slice alone? Let it be, let it be Your luck just seems to come and go When's the last time you weren't singing At the top of your lungs? Fortune's decided, I'm stranded and I LIKE IT THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY THIS IS MY TURNING PAGE DON'T LEAVE ME AAA'D BECAUSE IT'S MY LUCKY DAY


Release date: February 8th, 2013


released February 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Of Course Not Joplin, Missouri

Power pop from Joplin, MO. We like our salsa spicy.

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